Odiljon Qurbonov

Information System Director

Mr. Odiljon Qurbonov's key qualifications are Research, GIS, Remote Sensing, Statistics and Data Analysis, Database Development, On-line Platform Development. He holds  MS in IT (GIS); MS level 5 Year Diploma on International Relation and Diplomacy and Diploma on Public Administration.

Mr. Qurbonov has over 10 years of working experience as a researcher 10 year of working experience as IT expert, over 15 year of work in UN in Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Caucasus.

He has an outstanding experience in development of on-line data collection, monitoring and analysis platforms in International level; extensive experience in information management, capacity building, data analysis as well as consulting on data analysis and providing data analysis training in international level.

Phone: (90 312) 287 - 8217