About UDA Consulting

Since 2009, UDA Consulting has been empowering public institutions, international agencies, industries, and private companies by enabling them to draw meaningful inferences from data. We work with organizations to develop research, conduct monitoring and evaluation activities, and build capacity for collecting and using data.

UDA Consulting combines statistics with qualitative and quantitative research tools to offer customized services and comprehensive analysis of financial and labour markets, education, agriculture, rural development, logistics and transportation, information and communication technology, health, crime, sports, disaster management, migration and most importantly, humanitarian assistance.

Our comprehensive team of multinational, dynamic and interdisciplinary experts in statistics, research, and information technology strives to put quality before profit, operate transparently and collaboratively, and adhere to the highest ethical standards for effective and sustainable partnerships and outcomes.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to facilitate the development of data-driven policies and strategies through analytical studies and customized digital tools.

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