Labour Market Assessment in Mersin

  • Survey by UDA in Mersin
  • Survey by UDA in Mersin
  • Survey by UDA in Mersin

Labour Market Assessment in Mersin

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Labour Market Assessment in Mersin (Turkey)

UDA Consulting conducted household and community level outreach activities both in Mersin city as well as in the rural areas near Mersin city.

This project helps in increasing refugees’ ability to enjoy the right to work and enhance access to training opportunities and micro-enterprise support in Mersin, Turkey. 

As specified in the Terms of Reference, the main goals for the evaluation of the project are as follows:

  1. Identify sectors of activities with growth potential and market demand that offer opportunities for refugees’ employment and self-employment
  2. Identify Vocational Training areas that are relevant to the labour market needs for refugees in Mersin taking gender specific preferences and constraints into account
  3. Identify specific training subjects that:
  • would increase refugees’ employment, self-employment opportunities
  • would increase refugees’ stability in terms of income and integration in host communities
  • would help refugees to understand the labour market and business opportunities / labour market gaps
  • would be most beneficial / impactful in improving beneficiaries’ chances to attain sustainable livelihood opportunities