Information and Communication Technology

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Impact of ICTs on household welfare in Tanzania

Tanzania has been identified as a potential case study based on a number of factors.This activity will involve a household survey to obtain data on ICT usage amongst the bottom 40% of the population in Tanzania, at home, at school and at work, to develop a study on impact, leapfrogging opportunities and potential barriers to them.

Statistics Training for UNODC Analysts

Statistics Training for UNODC Analysts

UDA Consulting was contracted to provide training to increase research and analytical capacity of counter-narcotics agencies in the region. For these purposes, UDA Consulting delivered statistics training by using IBM SPSS Statistics for national analysts and research officers of UNODC ROCA. Training was held in Ankara on 26-30 August 2013.

Tailored Statistics Software

Development of Statistics Software and Training

UDA Consulting was contracted by UNODC to provide Tailored Drugs Monitoring IBM SPSS software + license for 12 months and statistics training for the strategic analyst of Regional Office for Central Asia (ROCA). UDA designed a user-friendly interface for data entry, data import and data analysis. Designed software was developed for fast calculations on drug trafficking data, which was supported by graphics and enables to calculate relationship between different variables by using cross tables.