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Submitted by admin on December 21, 2016
The UDA consultancy effectively adapted the training to the needs of the participants, taking into account the specifics of their work. In general, the training services were provided by the company in a quality and timely manner. In summary, the UNODC Program Office in Tajikistan recommends UDA Consulting to any organization that requires high quality and specialized statistical training.
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UDA combines expertise in sampling, data collection technology, data management, data analysis/modelling, GIS, remote sensing, with high-level skills in project management, client satisfaction, and providing value for money.Our goal is to contribute to public institutions, international agencies, and private companies in developing effective strategies and policies by using and/or generating data. Our comprehensive team of multinational, dynamic and interdisciplinary experts in statistics, research, and information techology strive to put quality beforeprofit, operate transparently and collaboratively, and adhere to the highest ethical standards for effective and sustainable partnerships and outcomes.

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  • Çukurambar Mah. 41. Cadde, 1465. Sokak, Lale Apt, 14/4, Çankaya/Ankara, Türkiye
  • +90 (312) 287 82 17
  • +90 (312) 286 86 30