Poverty Alleviation and Women Refugees project

Poverty Alleviation and Women Refugees in the Middle East

The aim of this study is to explore the inter-relationship between entrepreneurship and empowerment of Iraqi, Palestinian and Syrian women refugees displaced to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. In exploring how they challenge their poverty and social exclusion, the project will contribute to the ESRC and DfID by providing a more robust conceptual and empirical basis for development, and understanding of poverty reduction amongst extremely vulnerable populations. King Hussein Foundation, American University of Beirut and UDA Consulting are the three main implementing bodies.

Angela Huddleston


World Vision International Syria Response confirms that UDA Consulting successfully carried out a feasability study involving literature review, implementatio of in-depth interviews with Syrian refugees including children, women, men youth and vulnerable groups as well as the host community in Sanliurfa; focus group discussions with children, youth and women, and in-depth interviews with UNHCR, CONCERN, IOM, IMPR, provicincial administrators of AFAD, ASPIM, SONIM, DGMM, Public Health Agency, analysis of quantitative and qualitative data and development a feasability report in line with OECD

Programme Manager/Syria Response

Devashish Dhar


UDA Consulting was contracted for statistics training to support UNODC-COAFG project. Training included qualitative and qualtitative research techniques, data collection methods, data entry, data processing and cleaning, data manipulation, data transformation, compex sample selection and analysis with IBM SPSS Statistics, data analysis. All services were delivered carefully by considering needs of participants. I would hesitate to recommend UDA Consulting to any organization that requires high quality and tailored statistics training.

International Projects Coordinator
Socio-Economic Impacts of ORKOY Credits Implemented in Ankara

Socio-Economic Impacts of ORKOY Credits

The project was carried out by Directorate of Central Anatolia Forestry Research Institute and focus on the forest villagers who use and who do not use economic and/or social ORKOY credit in the sampling area. The project objective was to understand the socio-economic impacts of those credits on the target population.

In this research, 284 users of economic-oriented credits, 202 users of social-oriented credits and 116 people who have never been used any type of ORKOY credit so far were surveyed. In total, the research contained 602 surveys.

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Analysing the awareness of the students about EU

Geographical Scope

In 21 provinces of Turkey: Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Denizli, Diyarbakır, Edirne, Erzurum, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, İzmir, İstanbul, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Mersin, Samsun, Sivas, Trabzon, Şanlıurfa, Van.

Project Description

The project aimed at analysing the awareness of the students at middle and high school level about the European Union. The project is a follow-up of the one that was carried two years ago.

Economic Impact of Refugees on Host Communities: Social Networks, Economic Vulnerability, and Resilience among Urban Refugees in Kenya, Turkey & Pakistan

Economic Impact of Refugees on Host Communities

This project explores the varied roles of the social capital and social networks in urban refugees’ quest for self-reliance. The findings will allow humanitarian agencies to target direct humanitarian assistance at those less likely to succeed, and to support broader initiatives to encourage self-reliance. UDA undertook baseline data collection by in-person survey method and focus-group discussions. More than 1000 households were surveyed.

Reducing Consumer Food Waste and Losses in OIC Member Countries

Reducing Consumer Food Waste and Losses

The report aims to provide analysis and insights that can contribute to reducing household and food service food loss and waste in OIC member countries. An overview of the current food loss and waste situation is reviewed in terms of extent and causes, identification of measures and practices, and policy recommendations for consideration.

Equal Access to Education Research and International Conference

International Conference: Equal Access to Education

In line with the resolutions accepted at the First World Conference on Humanitarian Aid which was hosted in May 2016 in Turkey, a study about Syrian refugee children access to education was initiated with the support of Prime Ministry Promotion Fund of Republic of Turkey. This study aims to map all relevant projects, actions, and studies done about the subject matter by the national and international organizations in Turkey and other countries in the region.