About UDA Consulting

Based in Turkey since 2009, UDA Consulting overreaches the national boundaries and provides many services to its business associates on an international scale.

UDA Consulting aims to empower public institutions, international agencies, industries, and private companies by enabling them to draw meaningful inferences from data.

UDA combines statistics with both qualitative and quantitative research processes, therefore offering a comprehensive analysis in many areas. The topics UDA covers extend from finance and labour market to education, agriculture, rural development, logistics and transportation, crime, sports, disaster management, migration and most importantly, humanitarian assistance.

Throughout, we put quality before profit, operate openly and collaboratively, and stick to the highest ethical standards for effective and sustainable partnerships and outcomes.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to contribute to development of strategies and policies through analytical studies and tools.

Our Liaison Offices

UDA Consulting has liason offices or business partners in different countries including:

Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Peru, Germany, Austria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tunusia and Saudi Arabia.


By  choosing UDA, you choose:

  • Multicultural dynamic human resources,  skills and hands-on experience in analytical projects
  • International structure capable of ensuring effective and efficient services worldwide
  • Fully transparent services
  • High level of responsiveness and quality control

Quality Assurance& Ethics

Following the international standards for research, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 20252, UDA provides timely, reliable and accurate services. All the while, UDA stands by its principles of respecting human rights, cultural diversity, protection of environment, and gender equality at all times.