Research on Home Care Services in Ankara

Research on Home Care Services in Ankara

UDA Consulting carried out a survey funded by World Bank about Home Care Services for Elders and Children in Ankara on behalf of Middle East Technical University Sociology Department. Research aimed a demand analysis for home care service in Ankara, especially in provinces with high socio-economic levels

Evaluation of IPARD I Programme

Evaluation of IPARD I Programme

UDA Consulting was commissioned by Managing Authority of IPARD Programme TURKEY Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock, General Directorate of Agricultural Reform to conduct a research as a part of the ongoing evaluation of IPARD Programme. The overall objective of the project was to assist the Turkish authorities in identifying specific problems associated with the implementation of the IPARD programme.

Development of baseline Survey data Collection for Building Resilience and Coping Capacity Amongst conflict affected populations in Iraq

Development of baseline Survey data Collection

UDA Consulting, provided expertise to Save The Children Iraq office to develop a baseline study about the humanitarian assistance project being implemented in camps and hosting communities in Duhok city in Northern Iraq in June 2015. For that purpose, total of over 300 households were interviewed and around 12 FGDs were organized.

Market Research about Call Centers

Market Research about Call Centers

UDA Consulting was commissioned by EC21 Korea to provide consultancy about call center market in Turkey. The main objective of this consultancy is to inform Korean IT companies about call center market structure, product range, market share of potential competitors, pricing policy, marketing channels, and rebate policies. UDA interviewed five sector representatives from different call center companies and prepared a detailed report about the results of these interviews.

Early Warning System for Iraq

Development of Early Warning System

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organization for children and has been working in Iraq since 1991, providing lifesaving emergency response and development programs. SCI is presently monitoring early warning indicators in its current areas of operation but establishing an online early warning system based on GIS allowed SC to track and monitor developments and humanitarian situation in hard to reach areas, so it can prepare and respond effectively. Two staff of UDA provided expertise to develop a web-based Early Warning System for Save the Children Iraq Office.

Evaluation of Immediate Assistance to Anbar IDPs in Kirkuk and Salah-Al-Din, Iraq project of Save The Children

Evaluation of Immediate Assistance

UDA Consulting, provided expertise about evaluation of emergency response project of Save The Children in Iraq for the internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of Anbar Governorate of Iraq through the interviews and FGD with the beneficiaries and stakeholders in October 2015.


Evaluation of UN Development Cooperation Strategy

UDA Consulting was commissioned by UNDP Turkey to conduct independent evaluation of United Nations cooperation strategy with Turkish Government covering the period of 2011-2015.The overall objective of the evaluation are to gather key findings and lessons learned to inform the implementation stages of the next programme cycle, and to support greater accountability towards agreed national objectives and priorities in Turkey.

Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Supports provided by Turkish Government

Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Supports

TTGV subcontracted UDA Consulting to implement “Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Supports provided by Turkish Government” project. Within the scope of this project, it is aimed to explore the impacts of government supports through three different support programs such as BSTB, KOSGEB and TÜBİTAK as well as to identify the potential barriers on sustaining the enterprises, which are established through these supports. UDA Consulting implemented research component of this project and visited more than 500 enterprises in 41 provinces of Turkey.

Georgia: Household Surveys on Forest Use, Poverty and Vulnerability to Natural Hazards

Georgia: Household Surveys on Forest Use

The objective of the study is to assist the forest policy on forest dependence, poverty and natural hazards in Georgia. It is also aimed to enhance the understanding of the linkages between poverty and forest dependency globally. The outcomes of the study will help to support the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resource Protection (MENRP), and National Forest Agency (NFA) in particular, in the on-going sector reforms. The data is obtained through household visits and by survey method.