Araştırma ve Danışmanlık

Veri toplama, herhangi bir araştırma faaliyetinin önemli bir yönüdür. Güvenilir veriler olmadan etkili araştırma çalışmaları yapmak imkansızdır. Bu nedenle, UDA Danışmanlık veri kalitesine ve güvenilir veri toplamaya öncelik verir.

UDA Danışmanlık, şeffaf veri toplama sistemleri geliştirme ve kullanma konusunda uzmanlaşmıştır. Kendi veri ve proje izleme platformumuzu (UDACAPI) geliştirdik. UDACAPI, proje paydaşlarının veri toplamayı istedikleri zaman izlemelerini ve ham verilere şifre korumalı bir web tarayıcısı aracılığıyla erişmelerini sağlar.

Craig Meisner


UDA Consulting has successfully completed a socio-economic survey of forest villagers in Turkey, providing the following services: Development of sampling methodology and survey design, development of survey forms, sample selection using GIS tools, Daily monitoring of survey and project activities by World Bank experts. is a web-based platform that enables computer-based data collection, data understanding, analysis and reporting, coordination and collaboration with project stakeholders.

World Bank Group - Task Team Leader

Mohammed Ibrahim Azhar


I am writing to confirm that the UDA's partners have been very helpful in research and evaluation regarding the Afghan drug trade, organized crime, its methods and structures. All work was done to the highest standard and I look forward to cooperating with them in the future.

Deputy Minister of Finance and Planning

UNODC Tajikistan


The UDA consultancy effectively adapted the training to the needs of the participants, taking into account the specifics of their work. In general, the training services were provided by the company in a quality and timely manner.

In summary, the UNODC Program Office in Tajikistan recommends UDA Consulting to any organization that requires high quality and specialized statistical training.


Angela Huddleston


World Vision International Syria Response confirms that UDA Consulting has successfully carried out a feasibility study that includes the implementation of literature review, in-depth interviews with Syrian refugees, including children, women, men, youth and vulnerable groups, and the host community in Şanlıurfa; Focus group discussions with children, youth and women and in-depth interviews with UNHCR, CONCERN, IOM, IMPR, AFAD, ASPIM, SONIM, DGMM, Public Health Agency provincial administrators, analysis of quantitative and qualitative data and development of a feasibility report in line wit

Program Manager / Syria Manager

Ali Ergin


Contracted with UDA Consulting to carry out an EU funded project that contributes to the ongoing evaluation of the IPARD Programme. The project included a literature review, face-to-face interviews, field studies, focus group discussions on basic information about current rural development policies, the IPARD Program and its beneficiaries.

Head of Department of EU Structural Adjustment Managing Authority

Robert Sobyra


We contracted UDA Consulting to conduct a pilot study on irregular migration from Afghanistan and Pakistan. The project included survey design, surveyor training, interviews, data entry, analysis of results and reporting. The report was of such high quality that we had another contract with UDA Consulting for a much larger study.


Devashish Dhar


To support the UNODC-COAFG project, a contract was signed with UDA Consulting for statistics training. The training included qualitative and qualitative research techniques, data collection methods, data entry, data processing and cleaning, data processing, data transformation, combined sample selection and analysis with IBM SPSS Statistics, data analysis. All services were given with care, taking into account the needs of the participants. I hesitate to recommend UDA Consulting to all organizations that require high quality and specialized statistical training.

International Projects Coordinator