Pilot survey

Lojistik Merkez Üst Yapı İhtiyacı Belirlenmesi

Çalışmanın temel amacı Kemalpaşa lojistik merkezinin üst yapı taleplerini tespit etmek.

Bu hizmet kapsamında, Kemalpaşa lojistik alanında sağlanacak hizmetlerde mükemmelliği, rekabeti ve emniyeti esas alan politikalarla; faydalanıcılara en iyi lojistik hizmetin verilmesi için gerekli olan ihtiyaç analizini yapmak hedeflenmiştir.  Bu çalışmanın temel ilke ve hedefleri şunlardır;


DRM Poverty Study in Dar El Salaam , Tanzania

The project is focused on assessing the relationship between poverty and disaster risk by collecting household information on exposure to flood risk combined with estimates of household expenditure. By using a city-wide representative sample of Dar es Salaam which is over-sampled in areas exposed to flood risk, this study will provide policy relevant information on the impact of floods on households and its relation to poverty on a city level. The study is a component of the Tanzanian Urban Resilience Program to inform investments and activities of the program.


Collecting data on firm-level supply chain resilience in Tanzania

The objective of this assignment is to pilot a firm-level supply chain resilience survey in Tanzania to get a better understanding of the economic impact of transport infrastructure disruptions – primarily due to natural disasters. The data collected will directly inform the currently on-going Tanzania Transport Risk Analysis being undertaken by Oxford Analytics, funded by the Corridors for Growth Multi-donor Trust Fund, administered by the World Bank, with the support of UK Aid.

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new office in Tanzania

Due to our continued growth in 2016 and 2017, we are extremely excited to open our first office in East Africa, Tanzania as of November 2017. The decision is in conjunction with our continued interest which enables us to respond to the growing needs of our clients while pursuing new prospects in line with our strategic growth plan in the continent of Africa.