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Stratek - Strengthening Institutional Capacity

Strengthening Institutional Capacity

This project was developed to provide trainings to increase the statistical analysis capacity of Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Turkey. This training included data collection, data analysis, data manipulation and data modeling methods with usage of SPSS.

The overall aim of the training was to increase the statistical capacity of the decision makers within the abovementioned institution, to make sure that reforms meet the requirements.

Statistics Training for UNODC Analysts

Statistics Training for UNODC Analysts

UDA Consulting was contracted to provide training to increase research and analytical capacity of counter-narcotics agencies in the region. For these purposes, UDA Consulting delivered statistics training by using IBM SPSS Statistics for national analysts and research officers of UNODC ROCA. Training was held in Ankara on 26-30 August 2013.

Tailored Statistics Software

Development of Statistics Software and Training

UDA Consulting was contracted by UNODC to provide Tailored Drugs Monitoring IBM SPSS software + license for 12 months and statistics training for the strategic analyst of Regional Office for Central Asia (ROCA). UDA designed a user-friendly interface for data entry, data import and data analysis. Designed software was developed for fast calculations on drug trafficking data, which was supported by graphics and enables to calculate relationship between different variables by using cross tables.

Early Warning System for Iraq

Development of Early Warning System

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organization for children and has been working in Iraq since 1991, providing lifesaving emergency response and development programs. SCI is presently monitoring early warning indicators in its current areas of operation but establishing an online early warning system based on GIS allowed SC to track and monitor developments and humanitarian situation in hard to reach areas, so it can prepare and respond effectively. Two staff of UDA provided expertise to develop a web-based Early Warning System for Save the Children Iraq Office.

Software for Pharmacy Sector

Statistics Software for Pharmacy Sector

Within the frame of Research and Development Support Programmes funded by Turkish Government, UDA Consulting was granted to develop web based statistical analysis software totally customized to needs and requirements of pharmacy sector. This unique software takes Food Drug Administration (FDA) regulations into account and software will enable to design, harmonize and disseminate the preparation of generic drug development processess more scientifically.


Socio-Economic Analysis of the Forest Villages

The objective of this study is to gather information on the forest villagers of Turkey, their dependence on the forest, and poverty and migration among them, and so to inform the development of forestry policies. 2037 households have been surveyed that take place in 202 villages in all over Turkey. Moreover, a survey asking general information on the village was implemented in each village. The households in each village were chosen randomly. UDA carried out regular on-the-spot checks during the survey application.