Socio-Economic Survey in Forest Villages

Socio-Economic Survey in Forest Villages

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Socio-Economic Survey using High-Frequency Data Collection

The main objective of this consultancy is to facilitate the gathering of household level data as outlined by this survey.

The objective of this study is

  • to measure poverty robustly in areas surveyed in 2016 data collection; and
  • to assess changes in forest reliance between 2016 and 2017. Data will be collected on a sample of households surveyed for the study "Socio-Economic Analysis of Forest Villagers in Turkey” in 2016.

The survey has been designed in such a way that it will be quick to administer in households with one enumerator surveying the household head or most knowledgeable person. The questions in the survey are close ended in order to minimize the time it will take to collect the information.

  • The household survey process begins with piloting and revision of the questionnaire
  • Piloting of questionnaires take place in March 2017
  • Training of field staff
  • Field work to starts upon completion of training
  • Data entry uses on-line tablet based data collection
  • Individual characteristics of household members.
  • Dwelling characteristics such as housing materials, heating systems, and access to basic services
  • Household assets
  • Forest resources with questions on types of forest products that are collected by household
  • Tenure of forest areas in which forest products are collected (privately owned, rented, state-owned, etc.)