Labour Market and Employment

Labour Market Survey

Labour Market Survey for WYG Consulting

Within project 'Improvement of Public Employment Services in Turkey' UDA Consulting was contracted to implement a labour market survey in Samsun. The aim of the project was to understand the labour market structure and develop a labour market analysis guideline for further reporting across Turkey. Survey was implemented by face to face interviews with 1387 enterprises based in Samsun. The output of this project constructed a baseline for the next larger project. It also strengthened capacity on labour statistics of Samsun ISKUR Directorate.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policies

Monitoring and Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policies

UDA Consulting provided M&E expert to WYG Consulting for the project of ‘Improving the Quality of Public Employment Services’. Within the scope of project, the M&E expert supported project team in development of ALMP monitoring and evaluation system.The services include, proving assistance to detailed review of existing programmes and contributions to the establishment & the refinement of a model for ALMP Evaluation which was reviewed by working groups.