Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development

Providing Agro-pedological and Climatological  Knowledge Base

Agro-pedological and Knowledge Base

The main purpose of the project was to collect agronomic data in order to enrich the current database for Ukraine and Turkey and to allow a calibration of the crop growth model for the most important crops in these countries. These models produced several information on the different crops simulated in CGMS: their development status, the carbon balance information, and also about the water balance of the plant and soil.

Evaluation of IPARD I Programme

Evaluation of IPARD I Programme

UDA Consulting was commissioned by Managing Authority of IPARD Programme TURKEY Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock, General Directorate of Agricultural Reform to conduct a research as a part of the ongoing evaluation of IPARD Programme. The overall objective of the project was to assist the Turkish authorities in identifying specific problems associated with the implementation of the IPARD programme.