Literature review

Focus Group Discussions on the Needs and Expectations of Syrian Children, Young People and Their Families on Access to Education

Focus Group Discussions on the Needs and Expectations

This study aims to determine the needs and expectations of Syrian families in accessing to education, as well as to identify key influencers in the targeted communities who can encourage Syrian families and their children to access current education services. Also, another major purpose of the focus group discussions was to identify the communication channels that are used by Syrian families and young people to distribute messages and share information.

The research involved 17 focus group discussions with the participation of 70 NGO representatives and 53 Syrian teachers.

Assessment of the Institutional Fundraising Landscape in Turkey - Oxfam

Assessment of the Institutional Fund-raising Landscape in Turkey

The study is to analyse the existing or emerging sources of development and investment funds to which national civil society organisations in Turkey have access. Such funds may be managed by national or local government institutions, or occasionally by other institutions, such as embassies or foundations. It also incorporates donor perspectives and views, including their forecasts regarding the likely evolution of available funds, and the social and geopolitical trends by which this will be determined.

Poverty Alleviation and Women Refugees project

Poverty Alleviation and Women Refugees in the Middle East

The aim of this study is to explore the inter-relationship between entrepreneurship and empowerment of Iraqi, Palestinian and Syrian women refugees displaced to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. In exploring how they challenge their poverty and social exclusion, the project will contribute to the ESRC and DfID by providing a more robust conceptual and empirical basis for development, and understanding of poverty reduction amongst extremely vulnerable populations. King Hussein Foundation, American University of Beirut and UDA Consulting are the three main implementing bodies.


Socio-Economic Analysis of the Forest Villages

The objective of this study is to gather information on the forest villagers of Turkey, their dependence on the forest, and poverty and migration among them, and so to inform the development of forestry policies. 2037 households have been surveyed that take place in 202 villages in all over Turkey. Moreover, a survey asking general information on the village was implemented in each village. The households in each village were chosen randomly. UDA carried out regular on-the-spot checks during the survey application.

Humanitarian Situation Analysis

Humanitarian Situation Analysis of Syrians

It is expected that Syrian refugees will stay in Turkey longer than it is expected. That means, the demand for international assistance to respond to the problem will further increase. Therefore, it is estimated that international organizations like Save the Children will have more role and responsibility and will stay in the country longer then it is estimated.Thus, the research was carried out to make an analysis of the situation and show emergent needs of the Syrian refugees in Turkey.

A very detailed and comprehensive desk research was conducted.