Statistical Data Analysis

Statistics Training to National Staff of UNODC-Afghanistan

Statistics Training to UNODC Staff

Training towards increasing the statistical analysis capacity of the UNODC Country Office in Afghanistan and Ministry of Counter Narcotics. This training included survey methodology, data collection, data analysis, data manipulation and data modeling methods with usage of SPSS.

The overall aim of the training was to contribute to implementation of illicit crop monitoring surveys of Afghanistan, which are conducted by UNODC- Kabul and MCN jointly.

Statistics Training to Tajikistan DCA

Statistics Training to Tajikistan Drug Control Agency

UDA Consulting was contracted by UNODC- Kazakhistan to provide a statistics training for the experts of the Tajikistan Drug Control Agency Office. During 18-21 May 2013 in Ankara, statistical knowledge of participants improved and case studies were applied. MS Excel and IBM SPSS Statistics were used for statistical analysis.

Strengthening Pre-School Education

Strengthening Pre-School Education - Review

MoNE implemented EU funded Strengthening Pre-school Education Project with the technical assistance of UNICEF. The EU funded project aimed to contribute to increase in the enrolment and attendance of disadvantaged children and their families to day care and pre-school education services. The overall purpose of project review was:

Assessment the success and challenges of Community based services in project provinces

Explore the readiness of pilot communities to support the initiative in a sustainable way

Feasibility Research for Tire Industry

Feasibility Research for Tire Industry

UDA Consulting carried out a feasibility project and customer satisfaction survey for Özcanlar lastik. The project aimed to understand consumer behavior and expectations as well to determine accurate location for further expansion. First part of the project included preparing a customer satisfaction research report based on questionnaires filled out at branches. Second part included market research including qualitative and quantitative techniques. During the field study, information about market share of the company, customer profile, preferences, opinion about the company and so on.

Development of Marketing Strategy

Development of Marketing Strategy

UDA Consulting carried out a consultancy project for MERKA Company which started to produce roller for printing press machines. Within scope of project, a market research was conducted to understand the sector and players and based on the result of this research, a strategy was developed for the company. During the field survey, 253 printing offices were visited and qualitative and quantitative data was collected.

Improving Agricultural Statistics in OIC Region

Improving Agricultural Statistics

UDA Consulting was contracted by Ministry of Development-COMCEC OIC to carry out the study on “Improving Agricultural Statistics In The COMCEC OIC Region”. The study included managing agricultural statistical systems including agricultural data collection, compilation, processing, and dissemination in the COMCEC OIC Region. UDA experts identified the key factors for enhancing the cooperation and coordination between organizations and other stakeholders for producing agricultural statistics in the COMCEC OIC Region.

Evaluation of the Psychosocial Programme

Evaluation of the Psychosocial Programme

UDA Consulting in collaboration with METU DMC (Disaster Management Implementation and Research Center) was contracted by UNICEF to carry out the study “Evaluation of the Psychosocial Programme conducted after Van Earthquake”, with the purpose of evaluating the psychosocial activities carried out after Van earthquake by UNICEF and Ministry of Family and Social Policy to people who were affected by the disaster.

Evaluation of the programme evolved as:

Thermal Power Plant and Mines

Thermal Power Plant and Mines

UDA Consulting carried out a survey for the joint project of Middle East Technical University Mining, Engineering and Sociology Departments, with TUBITAK. The research explored the social impacts of a thermal power plant and mines on people living in and around the cities of Afşin and Elbistan. UDA Consulting was responsible for carrying out fieldwork which included conducting 1000 face-to-face questionnaires in 20 villages and surrounding communities live in city centres.

Rural Ageing Analysis in TR82 Region

Rural Ageing Analysis

UDA Consulting was commissioned by KUZKA to implement a research on Rural Ageing in TR82 cities (Kastamonu, Sinop and Çankırı) within NUTS-2 region. Research included implementation of quantitative and qualitative techniques and analysis. Number of 272 face-to-face questionnaires and 36 in-depth interviews were conducted in 6 villages of each city with elderly people of the villages who are at the age of 65 and older.