Services Exporters Association

About HIB

Service Exporters' Association was established by the Export Communique No. 2018/3 of the Ministry of Trade published in the Official Gazette dated 24.03.2018 and issue no. 30370. Its headquarter is in Istanbul and affiliated with General Secretariat of Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters' Association (IMMIB).

Within this framework, Service Exporters' Association aims to cooperate with the committees in its structure as regards general service activities, sectoral subcommittees that are formed with relevant sectoral representatives meeting periodically in order to discuss a broad range of matters foremost of which is centered upon service exportation strategy. In the workshops and trainings to be held with the participation of our members, sector-based strategies are set up for service exportation. Besides by employing trade delegations and buying missions as one of the lead actions of market-entry practices as well as fairs and other organizations, it is aimed at allowing our member companies to find partners in international market and gain experiences.

Activities of the Association

• Committee Activities in Service Sub-Sectors
• Sectoral Trade Delegations
• Sectoral Buying Missions
• National-International Fair organizations, National participations
• Actions to develop new support mechanisms for sub-sectors and Ministry of Trade’s Service Industry Funds (Decree No. 2015/8 and Decree No. 2015/9 )
• Special Green Passport for Exporters
• HISER (Increasing the Competitive Power of Service Industry) Projects funded by the Ministry of Trade
• Partnerships with  state institutions and organizations, in particular with the Ministry of Trade and Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TIM), communicating with NGOs for cooperation to develop the exportation
•Promotion and cooperation activities with national and international establishments • Preparation of Sectoral and Action Reports
• Seminars, Trainings, Congresses, Projects, Meetings and similar organizational activities • PR, Corporate Identity, Media, Social Media actions