Albania Fuelwood Demand Assessment

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Albania Fuelwood Demand Assessment

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Full title:
Albania Fuelwood Demand Assessment and Analysis

The beneficiaries and audience for this work will be primarily the Ministry of Environment, NEA, and municipal governments.

The objective of the study will be to:

  • i) ascertain the level of demand for fuelwood in Albania,
  • ii) analyze the fuelwood supply chain, processing and combustion to identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of firewood use,
  • iii) estimate the overall balance between the sustainable supply and current demand, and
  • iv) recommend to government any opportunities to improve the supply and efficiency of heating for the rural towns and villages.
  1. Design and implement a nationwide survey on firewood consumption and use
  2. Undertake a supply chain analysis of fuelwood production
  3. Analyze the current technology used in both domestic, commercial and municipal settings
  4. Synthesize the outputs of the first three activities with the initial outputs from the NFI
  5. Disseminate the approach, outputs and conclusions
  1. Inception report to include finalized survey instrument (questionnaire)  and sampling methodology prepared in consultation with stakeholders, and acceptable to the World Bank and MoE
  2. Completed survey pretest, revision and finalization of survey, database structure established
  3. Monthly progress reports
  4. Completion of field survey, data entry in database well advanced; error check and data tabulation
  5. Draft reports on the supply chain analysis and wood energy technology
  6. Presentation of the draft findings of the household survey and delivery of the finalized database
  7. Draft final report incorporating all outputs
  8. Final report