Impact of ICTs on household welfare in Tanzania

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Impact of ICTs on household welfare in Tanzania

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Collecting non-consumption data for a household survey to measure the impact of ICTs on household welfare

This study seeks to contribute to this field of study by exploring the relationship between information and communication technologies (ICT) on the household welfare of the poor in Tanzania, with a specific focus on mobile phones and the internet.

Tanzania has been identified as a potential case study based on a number of factors.This activity will involve a household survey to obtain data on ICT usage amongst the bottom 40% of the population in Tanzania, at home, at school and at work, to develop a study on impact, leapfrogging opportunities and potential barriers to them. Using innovative statistical and data collection methodologies, this survey will aim to measure the impact and potential of ICTs on poverty reduction through a collaboration between the World Bank and the Tanzanian National Bureau of Statistics that will be the first of its kind.

  • Sample design, sampling methodology, the sample frames, the system for selecting the sampling units, sampling weights, sample size, and the procedures for calculation of expansion factors.
  • Training of enumurators
  • Development of training materials and detailed interviewer manual
  • Pretesting and piloting questionnaires
  • Survey implementation
  • Data entry and cleaning with STATA (development of coding)
  • Statistical reporting via STATA