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Labor Market Analysis Report in SAMSUN


Samsun Labor Force market of Analysis purpose in the provinces employment and unemployment of the problem for the solution labor structure with sectors on the basis personnel , education , qualifications like your needs to the determination oriented current information compiling is to provide. In this report , at the provincial level labor supply and to your request related basis data will be presented . In this context , Europe union by finance made Public Employment of your services Developing project as a pilot province for selected Samsun one Labor market Request research has been carried out . Samsun Province Labor Force market Request of the Research purpose all district and including the villages in the province of Samsun unemployment reduction and provinces on the basis to sectors by employment of the policies creation for employers labor your request strange with dimensions detection to do , and labor in the market present , past and the future in the period occur incoming or arrive expected vocational change and their development to watch contribute is to exist . Like this one request research with Supported Samsun Workforce market of Analysis especially of the workforce request in terms of and the future short in the period trends measuring the need heard of the workforce education and your skills detection workforce , supply and request between imbalance which in conditions away that you can get up determination and this imbalance to the elimination helper will be policy and your suggestions development like goals there are . a whole aspect this report , workforce of the policies to all data able to provide one study aspect can be evaluated .
Samsun Labor Force market analysis report four basis from the chapter consists of . Labor market affecting from the elements general economic structure , demographic features and education status first part of the report forms . your report second in Samsun province labor market supply in terms of analysis to try it will work components is being examined . These components to the workforce participation , workforce female population employment , informal employment and unemployment titles under is being collected . In this section Moreover labor in the market mostly disadvantageous groups aspect called women and of young people apart from the situation titles under is being looked after . your report third department of Samsun province in particular latest data within the scope of İŞKUR in the light of happening supply and request to pairings caring , this in the province of Samsun in the framework open to jobs made applications , this to jobs made installations and labor growing their efforts summarizes . The last part of the report the one which fourth episode and Samsun province labor to the market request in terms of caring and Samsun Province Labor Force market Request of his research results compiles . In this framework of businesses distribution of employees distribution in 2012 if inputs-outputs , open job in supply difficulty taken occupations , employers the future employment expectation like to components belonging data summarized . your report evaluation and conclusion in the section if labor of the market important elements between from relationships to the road going out labor supply and request in terms of comparative one evaluation being done and policy suggestions is presented .
Samsun Labor Force market analysis in the report various from sources compiled data used . first two episode in the framework of general economic situation, demographic structure and education to the state belonging with data , Samsun province labor in the market labor at your expense belonging data Turkey Statistics by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) prepared general Population Counts and household Labor to their surveys is based on . From these data one part of Samsun special Although the workforce at your expense belonging many data by province not NUTS2 zoning system within the framework of the province of Samsun . Location received TR83 region ( Tokat , Amasya , Çorum _ and Samsun) in general belonging are data . These data large majority by 2011 belongs . to Samsun special registered labor and registered to the unemployed related latest data Samsun Study _ and Business Institution Provincial Directorate by recruitment has been . your report labor request with relating to in the section if Labor market Request of the Research as a result get made data used . Research framework in Samsun province 10 and more more person employee the one which local with unit workplaces1 is limited . Workplaces list TURKSTAT 's year 2011 Workplace Record system created from the list2 . Economic your activities in the classification Europe union Economic Activities Classification NACE Rev.2 used and in classification Location coverage 17 out of 21 key sectors3 coverage Included4 . for Samsun Labor market Request of the Research domain application between 18 September -19 October 2012 between carried out in research face to the face meeting method used . in hand made results in workplace reply to their situation by weighting made . field application during in the field closed , activity scope outside out , duplicate the one which and reference in the year in operation absent units scope outside evaluated , the unit reply to give refusal in the field not found , hand to change like unanswered status of formation in case of non- response correction5 has been made . this way variables on the basis get made your results unanswered because of emerge will come out bias effects has been fixed .