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Strengthening Pre-School Education

Strengthening Pre-School Education - Review

MoNE implemented EU funded Strengthening Pre-school Education Project with the technical assistance of UNICEF. The EU funded project aimed to contribute to increase in the enrolment and attendance of disadvantaged children and their families to day care and pre-school education services. The overall purpose of project review was:

Assessment the success and challenges of Community based services in project provinces

Explore the readiness of pilot communities to support the initiative in a sustainable way

Evaluation of the Psychosocial Programme

Evaluation of the Psychosocial Programme

UDA Consulting in collaboration with METU DMC (Disaster Management Implementation and Research Center) was contracted by UNICEF to carry out the study “Evaluation of the Psychosocial Programme conducted after Van Earthquake”, with the purpose of evaluating the psychosocial activities carried out after Van earthquake by UNICEF and Ministry of Family and Social Policy to people who were affected by the disaster.

Evaluation of the programme evolved as:

Focus Group Discussions on the Needs and Expectations of Syrian Children, Young People and Their Families on Access to Education

Focus Group Discussions on the Needs and Expectations

This study aims to determine the needs and expectations of Syrian families in accessing to education, as well as to identify key influencers in the targeted communities who can encourage Syrian families and their children to access current education services. Also, another major purpose of the focus group discussions was to identify the communication channels that are used by Syrian families and young people to distribute messages and share information.

The research involved 17 focus group discussions with the participation of 70 NGO representatives and 53 Syrian teachers.

Severine Jacomy Vité


UDA demonstrated respectable sensitivity for ethical issues associated with working with children throughout the "Evaluation of the Psychosocial Programme conducted after the Van Earthquake" Project.

Chief of Child Protection Section