Strategy Paper

UDA is providing support to the Cook Island's Ministry of Marine Resources

A team of marine consultants

UDA Consulting is in Rarotonga, Cook Island, to provide support to the Ministry of Marine Resources on Muri Lagoon’s environmental restoration.

Working in parallel with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management’s Project Management Unit, the team that includes the UDA Consulting  is contributing to on-going work around the integrated approach to assessing the degradation of Muri Lagoon.

Preparation of Turkey Disaster Management Strategy Paper

Disaster Management Workshop

Inception Workshop of “Preparation of Turkey Disaster Management Strategy Paper (TDMSP) Project” was held on 28 November 2014 in Ankara, with participation of public, private, civil and academic stakeholders.

Main purpose of the Workshop was to make contributions to the development of the conceptual frame within the determination progress of strategical targets and priorities for the development of a stable, comprehensive and integrated disaster management system.