Applied Statistics

UDA Consulting has strong in-house statistical capacity. Company has 4 full time statisticians. In addition to this, company has statistical scientific committee which includes well known statistics professors.

UDA Consulting has intensive experience on survey design, quality by design, Quality Control process, Time Series and Forecast, Operational Research, Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys and Data Analysis techniques.

Company developed sampling design for national and regional level surveys for well-known organizations including World Bank, EU and UN.  Furthermore, UDA Consulting uses GIS techniques to develop sampling methodologies as well.

UDA Consulting is one of the rare consulting companies which is able to use GIS, Applied Statistics and Satellite Image Processing techniques together for survey design, data collection, data analysis and reporting.

Last but not the least, Company is an official business partner of IBM SPSS Statistical Software. In addition to this, Company staff are able to use SPSS, R and STATA very efficiently.