Project Status:
Start Project Title Client Status:
Market Research about Call Centers EC21 Completed
Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Supports TTGV Completed
Evaluation of Immediate Assistance Save the Children International Completed
Development of baseline Survey data Collection Save the Children International Completed
Evaluation of IPARD I Programme T.R. Turkey Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock Completed
Improvement of Enforcement Services in Prisons Evoluxer Completed
Turkey Disaster Management Strategy Paper The World Bank Completed
Research on Home Care Services in Ankara METU Completed
Evaluation of the Psychosocial Programme UNICEF Completed
Socio-Economic Baseline Study Alacer Gold Completed
Rural Ageing Analysis KUZKA Completed
Improving Statistical Information System AAM Completed
Thermal Power Plant and Mines METU Completed
Improving Agricultural Statistics COMCEC Completed
Development of Statistics Software and Training UNODC Completed
Strengthening Pre-School Education - Review UNICEF, MEB Completed
Monitoring and Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policies WYG Completed
Feasibility Research for Tire Industry Özcanlar Completed
Development of Marketing Strategy MERKA Completed
Statistics Training for UNODC Analysts UNODC Completed
Statistics Training to Tajikistan Drug Control Agency UNODC Completed
Agro-pedological and Knowledge Base AETS Completed
Statistics Training to UNODC Staff UNODC Completed
Labour Market Survey for WYG Consulting WYG Completed
Training to the Abdi İbrahim Pharmacy staff Abdi Ibrahim Completed