Project Status:
Start Project Title Client Status:
Poverty Alleviation and Women Refugees in the Middle East DFID, ESRC Ongoing
Evaluation of the Project on Protection of Refugees World Vision Ongoing
Affected urban slums in Ethiopia The World Bank Ongoing
Socio-Economic Survey in Forest Villages The World Bank Ongoing
Lojistik Merkez Üst Yapı İhtiyacı Belirlenmesi T.R. MTMC Completed
Syrian Migrants in Turkey Farsight Ongoing
Group Representatives on Local Development Strategy Preparation T.R. Turkey Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock Ongoing
Labour Market Assessment in Mersin ACTED Completed
Monitoring and Evaluation Training SGDD-ASAM, IMPR Humanitarian, ICMC, GIZ Completed
Evaluation of GOAL multi-sector programme GOAL Completed
Georgia: Household Surveys on Forest Use The World Bank Completed
Statistics Software for Pharmacy Sector TÜBİTAK Ongoing
Reducing Consumer Food Waste and Losses COMCEC Completed
Ex-Post Evaluation of IPARD Turkey (2007-2013) T.R. Turkey Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock Completed
Socio-Economic Impacts of ORKOY Credits OGM Completed
Analysing the awareness of the students about EU EPTISA, METU, GDSI Completed
Humanitarian Situation Analysis of Syrians Save the Children International Completed
Assessment of the Institutional Fund-raising Landscape in Turkey OXFAM Completed
Socio-Economic Analysis of the Forest Villages The World Bank Completed
International Conference: Equal Access to Education T.R. Prime Ministry Promotion Fund Completed
Economic Impact of Refugees on Host Communities Urban Institute Completed
Focus Group Discussions on the Needs and Expectations UNICEF Completed
Providing Protection Support to Refugees World Vision Completed
Evaluation of UN Development Cooperation Strategy UNDP Completed
Market Research about Call Centers EC21 Completed