Information Technology

UDA Consulting uses the information technology tools efficiently to provide better services for its clients.

For that purpose, UDA Consulting has full time staff who has strong experience on Database development, web programming, web-development, programming, GIS and satellite imagery processing and use of different software including QGIS, ArcGIS, GAFmap, SPSS, STATA , R and In-Design.

Company developed on-line data collection, monitoring and data dissemination systems for different international organizations (such as Early Warning System) .

Furthermore, UDA Consulting developed its own:

  • Computer/Tablet based data collection system
  • On-line project and Survey Data Collection Monitoring Platform
  • Optical Character Reader data collection System

Tablet Based Data Collection

Tablet Based Data Collection

UDA Consulting computer based data collection system can work with any tablet or android based mobiles. It is developed by using open sources and works with any internet browser as well. UDA Consulting uses tablets for data collection which makes possible the real time monitoring of data being collected. We provide our clients wide access to collected data and analysis during the data collection process.

Paper Based Surveys

Paper Forms with OCR

Paper based surveys are processed using optical character reader software that minimize data entering errors and allows preparation of big amount of survey forms to be ready for analysis quickly. It is possible enter at about 15000 pages of survey data per day with this system.