Information Technology

UDA Consulting uses the information technology tools efficiently to provide better services for its clients.

Image removed.UDA Consulting believes in full transparency during the data collection and in general project implementation phase. Therefore, UDA Consulting developed its own Computer Assisted Personal Interview Application system (UDACAPI).

The main advantage of this system is that it enables its users to monitor the data collection fieldwork in real time through a map-based platform by using any web browser with any mobile device or computer. By this way, it enables its users to monitor and access the raw data collection with full transparency.
Furthermore, UDACAPI users can access to the daily results of the survey data collection presented with graphical illustrations through UDA web page (password protected).

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UDACAPI application works with all Android tablets and mobile phones. 
UDACAPI can collect data at both on-line and off-line modes. As soon as the mobile device access to internet, then all collected data is transferred to database. 
 The main advantage of this application is that client can easily monitor the data collection through UDA’s Web page. At the same time, UDACAPI enables the client to monitor the progress in data collection through an interactive map. Furthermore, UDACAPI provides on time graphical presentation of the results of survey data collection. 

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UDACAPI application provides a transparent and reliable data collection application and monitoring system for its clients.
UDA Consulting conducted surveys by using UDACAPI application for several well-known international organizations in and outside of Turkey. During the surveys, relevant experts / managers monitored the data collection including the visual presentation of the results through the UDACAPI on daily basis.

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UDACAPI application was used to collect survey data in many countries including;
Turkey, Ethiopia, Georgia, Albania, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Benin, Cameroon, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

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Paper Based Surveys

Paper Forms with OCR

Paper based surveys are processed using optical character reader software that minimize data entering errors and allows preparation of big amount of survey forms to be ready for analysis quickly. It is possible enter at about 15000 pages of survey data per day with this system.