TRCS Baseline Data Collection - IFRC

TRCS Baseline Data Collection

TRCS Baseline Data Collection - IFRC

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IFRC Responding to Protection Needs of Refugees in Turkey - TRCS Baseline Data Collection

The main goals for the evaluation of the project are as follows:

  1. The protection team of TRCS understands better the current barriers and threats faced by service users and this will make programme planning more effective 
  2. Staff and volunteers in the Community Centres are more aware of the needs and existing capacities of service users to deal with safety issues in their community, which will be helpful in improving service delivery and inform seminars and awareness raising sessions on certain topics 
  3. The clients of protection services will be involved in the decision-making process for revising adapting the services provided by TRCS 
  4. Overall, having a baseline for the project will ensure focus and direction to all protection-related aspects of the project, including case management, referrals, capacity building and restoring family links work. 

To address these objectives, a baseline survey along with focus group discussions (FGDs) with adults and children/youth will be conducted.