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The Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation
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Improving Agricultural Statistics in OIC Region

Improving Agricultural Statistics

UDA Consulting was contracted by Ministry of Development-COMCEC OIC to carry out the study on “Improving Agricultural Statistics In The COMCEC OIC Region”. The study included managing agricultural statistical systems including agricultural data collection, compilation, processing, and dissemination in the COMCEC OIC Region. UDA experts identified the key factors for enhancing the cooperation and coordination between organizations and other stakeholders for producing agricultural statistics in the COMCEC OIC Region.

Reducing Consumer Food Waste and Losses in OIC Member Countries

Reducing Consumer Food Waste and Losses

The report aims to provide analysis and insights that can contribute to reducing household and food service food loss and waste in OIC member countries. An overview of the current food loss and waste situation is reviewed in terms of extent and causes, identification of measures and practices, and policy recommendations for consideration.