Demography (Socio-economy)

Research on Home Care Services in Ankara

Research on Home Care Services in Ankara

UDA Consulting carried out a survey funded by World Bank about Home Care Services for Elders and Children in Ankara on behalf of Middle East Technical University Sociology Department. Research aimed a demand analysis for home care service in Ankara, especially in provinces with high socio-economic levels


Socio-Economic Analysis of the Forest Villages

The objective of this study is to gather information on the forest villagers of Turkey, their dependence on the forest, and poverty and migration among them, and so to inform the development of forestry policies. 2037 households have been surveyed that take place in 202 villages in all over Turkey. Moreover, a survey asking general information on the village was implemented in each village. The households in each village were chosen randomly. UDA carried out regular on-the-spot checks during the survey application.