Information Technology (Including GIS)

UDA Consulting’s team of skilled statisticians and information technology experts are masters of analytics. UDA uses information technology tools efficiently to provide better services for its clients. Our team specializes in database development, web programming, web-development, programming, GIS and satellite imagery processing using QGIS, ArcGIS, GAFmap, SPSS, STATA, R and In-Design.

UDA Consulting develops custom analytics tools for clients. These tools include computer/tablet-based data collection systems, Early Warning Systems, online project and data collection monitoring platforms, and optical character-reader data collection systems.

Data Collection Tools

Computer/tablet-based data collection systems

UDA Consulting’s computer-based data collection systems can work with tablets and mobile phones using the Android operating system and internet browsers. These digital systems allow clients to access real-time data collection monitoring and analysis throughout the data collection process.

UDA Consulting’s Online Project and Data Collection Monitoring Platform allows clients to view progress and early analysis of results in real-time. The platform permits clients to view data collection geographically and monitor progress towards completion.

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  • Optical Character Reading

Optical Character Reader Data Collection System

Paper-based surveys are processed using an optical character reader software that minimizes data entry errors and enables quick analysis. With UDA’s system, it is possible to enter up to 15,000 pages of survey data per day.