Monitoring of GIZ Cash for Work Projects

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Monitoring of GIZ Cash for Work Projects

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Post-Distribution Monitoring (PDM) of the Cash for Work Projects

The outcome of the two Cash-for-Work projects is to temporarily stabilize the economic living conditions of Syrian refugee and vulnerable Turkish households, while at the same time supporting the host communities in Turkey by a) improving and maintaining municipal infrastructure and b) providing shortterm vocational training courses (skills-upgrade).

Post-Distribution Monitoring (PDM) of the Cash for Work Projects “Waste Disposal and Recycling, Rehabilitation of Municipal Infrastructure” and “Production and Commercialization of Crafts/Handicraft”.

In order to assess more detailed the effectiveness and impact of the CfW-measures till today, a first post-distribution monitoring (PDM) should be conducted. The objective of the post-monitoring is twofold:

  • to obtain detailed, specific and representative information regarding the project implementation allowing a possible re-orientation of the project’s approach
  • to provide more specific data to enrich the actual M&E-system.
  • To collect and analyse sufficient data to make a) informed decisions on the effectiveness of the CfW project and its employment and training components and b) to support project management (GIZ) and the commissioning partner (BMZ) in the further implementation and steering of the project including its M&E activities.
  • Provide information on the effectiveness (level of achievement of project objectives), impact (effects of the cash interventions on beneficiaries), sustainability (positive and adverse effects) and relevance (regarding local needs and context) of the project
  • Provide recommendations for further actions.

All project sites in the provinces of:

  • Gaziantep (Nizip and Gaziantep),
  • Adana (Seyhan, Yüreğir),
  • Hatay (Kirikhan, Antakya, Reyhanli),
  • Mersin (Akdeniz, Mezitli)
  • Istanbul,
  • Ankara,
  • Şanliurfa.